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This website is free to plagiarize as you wish. If you find the religious content useful, please use as you see fit to the glory of God. If the design is helpful, feel free to copy whichever elements you find most helpful. Please read below for all the technical items, and if you want to know where I found the religious content, feel free to browse through the Useful Links on the Resources page.

Please email me if you want more information about a particular aspect of the site - I may or may not have time to reply - but I will do my best. Sincerely, Daniel Wilson (Pastor and Designer).

Most of this site was compiled with free code versions from the following 2 websites:

(I used multiple free CSS templates and pieced code together as needed - buy their templates to avoid the extra work!)

www.flowplayer.org (fantastic resources which I hope to make more use of in the future)

We have received numerous other helpful scripts from other pages such as:

www.google.com (calendar, maps, site optimizer and tracking)

www.boxedart.com (be sure to skip the ad that pops up trying to sell you something - then you can see the articles)

www.longtailvideo.com (created the flash scroll on the homepage - may use for media player later? or flowplayer)

www.thefreesite.com (free scripts and other items useful in web design)


LINK 1 (watch out for the ads, if bad - just refresh to change)

Link 2 (much better site with lots of variety of tools)

Link 3 (I think I used this one the most)


Get Free Dreamweaver Templates from JustDreamweaver.com (Site built on highvelocity and eon templates combined)