Our Faith

What is "Reformed"?

When we say "reformed" we are referring to the Protestant Reformation. The Protestant Reformation was the movement which encouraged Christians to study the Bible and trust God's Word as the infallible rule for faith and life practice.

The "Reformers" were faithful men who protested against the false doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church - thereby being called protest-ants. Their initial goal was not to leave the church, but to reform it according to the Bible. However, when that failed and they were persecuted or excommunincated from the Church of Rome, the Reformers started new churches based on the Word of God (instead of depending on the tradition of man related to the Popes and Councils of the Roman Church).

Therefore, when we say "reformed" - we mean that we are based completely on the Word of God (the explicit or implicit teaching of the Bible). Now, in this sense, many churches might call themselves "reformed" - but this title also refers to the wonderful truths that the Reformation rediscovered in the Bible. These doctrines of God's grace were summarized in 5 simple "alone" statements: The Bible Alone, By Christ Alone, By Grace Alone, By Faith Alone, For God's Glory Alone. These are explained on the Our Faith page.

Sadly, "Reformed" churches are most often said to be "Calvinist" - as if we followed the teachings of a mere man. This is not true. John Calvin and Martin Luther were men who sought to direct people back to God's Word. They never wanted to start systems or churches in their own name, but only in the name of Christ. And so we hold to the same great Biblical truths that Calvin and Luther and other Reformers taught but ONLY because those truths are taught by God in His Word! These truths are represented by our Creeds and Confessions listed in the right hand column. We continue to hold to the principle that every Christian and every Church ought to be "reformed but always reforming". With that in mind, we constantly search the Scriptures like good Bereans to ensure that these things are true! (Acts 17:10ff)

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