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It can be strange exploring a new church - especially if you don't know anyone there. That is why we have set up this website, to help you understand who we are, and what we are about. The BEST way to get to know us, however, is to come worship with us at 10:30 am or 5pm on some Sunday. We hope to see you soon!
If you are unfamiliar with Christianity in general, then we will summarize it for you. God made the earth, the universe and all things by speaking them into existence. He made man to reflect Him and worship Him, but mankind rebelled aginst God. We are under God's curse (Ephesians 2:1) and are all naturally condemned to Hell (eternal punishment) because we are sinners. You see this in yourself whenever you feel guilty when you do something "bad" (like steal, lie or cheat). In fact, we are all born sinners. You see this in children because you never have to teach them to be mean and lie and throw tantrums - they know already, because they were born rebellious. And worst of all... You can't change yourself, and your good works will never outweigh the bad! The Good News is that you don't have to stay that way! The Good News is that God has sent His Son Jesus Christ to die in the place of sinners. All who put their faith in Jesus, believing that He died for their sins will be saved! For more information on how all this works, please look at these links/articles below:

What are People For? You Need a Doctor You Need a Lawyer The Pleasures of Sin

We are a Christian church which delights in the Word of God - the Bible. We are Bible-based and not program oriented. We do have quite a few Bible studies and children's activities, but we aim to keep Church activity to 1 or 2 nights during the week to give our members the most time to interact with others. Church is not something that should take up all your time, it is a place to Worship the Lord and grow together in your understanding of His Word. Its that simple. Our worship is simple and focused on God's Word: we sing it, we pray it, we read it, we strive to obey it and we preach it. It is God's flawless instruction to us, His people... And it is sufficient for all our needs!

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#14–Matthew 5:21-26'Hatred Hurts-Settle Soon!' Scripture reading: 1 John3:11-24 & Matthew 5:21-26

#2– Current Issues 'I don't feel like forgiving - NOT Okay!' Scripture reading: Ephesians 4:29-5:2 & Luke 17:1-10 & Matthew 18:15-35

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