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What do we mean by "in the light of the Cross of Christ"?

This phrase refers to our worldview. Everyone has a worldview - a way they interpret the facts of their life. We believe that God made the World and that He made man to live and care for that world. We were made to reflect God and to worship Him. However, we rebelled against God in the garden of Eden (as is explained in the 3rd chapter of the book of Genesis in the Bible). AS a result of Adam and Eve's sin (which literally happened), we are all born sinful.

The Bible is the Word of God given to man to explain our origin, our sinfulness, His mercy and the way of salvation. The Bible teaches that every person deserves to be eternally punished for their sin. However, God determined to save sinners by sending Jesus (the divine Son of God) to die in our place. Jesus lived a perfect life and fulfilled the Law completely, and yet He was wrongfully condemned and crucified. When Jesus died on the cross, we are told that He suffered the wrath of God which every sinner deserves! But Jesus didn't remain dead. He conquered sin and death and rose again on the third day. The Bible explains that if you turn away from your life of sin and believe that Jesus died for your sins then you will be saved. That is the "Good News" of the Bible - that Jesus suffered God's Wrath (Hell) so that those who believe in Him don't have to! When we put our faith in Jesus, God takes our sin away, and credits our account with the perfect obedience of Jesus!

Surely, in the light of those facts everything in life changes... When you realize that you deserve to die an eternal death in Hell for your sin, but Jesus paid that price for you, then you will think differently, talk differently, work, live, and worship differently! Everything Changes when you view life in the light of the Cross of Christ!

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