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The Heidelberg Catechism

Lord's Day 47


122 Q.    What does the first request mean?


       A.    Hallowed be thy name means,


Help us to really know you,1

to bless, worship, and praise you

for all your works

and for all that shines forth from them:

your almighty power, wisdom, kindness,

justice, mercy, and truth.2


And it means,


Help us to direct all our living--

     what we think, say, and do--

so that your name will never be blasphemed because of us

but always honoured and praised.3


1 Jer. 9:23-24; 31:33-34; Matt. 16:17; John 17:3

2 Ex. 34:5-8; Ps. 145; Jer. 32:16-20; Luke 1:46-55, 68-75; Rom. 11:33-36

3 Ps. 115:1; Matt. 5:16  



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