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The Belgic Confession

Article 1:   The Only God

Article 2:   The Means by Which We Know God

Article 3:   The Written Word of God

Article 4:   The Canonical Books

Article 5:   The Authority of Scripture

Article 6:   The Difference Between Canonical and Apocryphal Books

Article 7:   The Sufficiency of Scripture

Article 8:   The Trinity

Article 9:   The Scriptural Witness on the Trinity

Article 10: The Deity of Christ

Article 11: The Deity of the Holy Spirit

Article 12: The Creation of All Things

Article 13: The Doctrine of God's Providence

Article 14: The Creation and Fall of Man

Article 15: The Doctrine of Original Sin

Article 16: The Doctrine of Election

Article 17: The Recovery of Fallen Man

Article 18: The Incarnation

Article 19: The Two Natures of Christ

Article 20: The Justice and Mercy of God in Christ

Article 21: The Atonement

Article 22: The Righteousness of Faith

Article 23: The Justification of Sinners

Article 24: The Sanctification of Sinners

Article 25: The Fulfillment of the Law

Article 26: The Intercession of Christ

Article 27: The Holy Catholic Church

Article 28: The Obligations of Church Members

Article 29: The Marks of the True Church

Article 30: The Government of the Church

Article 31: The Officers of the Church

Article 32: The Order and Discipline of the Church

Article 33: The Sacraments

Article 34: The Sacrament of Baptism

Article 35: The Sacrament of the Lord's Supper

Article 36: The Civil Government

Article 37: The Last Judgment




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