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Poem: Good Friday

Good Friday,

When they crucified Jesus,

the day became night

as darkness was sent from above.

So far from the Father

lonely, forsaken

yet, so near in His infinite love.

When they mocked Him and flogged Him,

they were unaware

of the darkness that clouded their mind.

The sin of the world

was put on His shoulders

as He offered His life for mankind.

When they thought they had killed Him,

they had taken His life,

He had given it out of free will.

In the outside world

no-one knew what had happened

far away, on Golgotha's hill.

But, the Father in mercy

and endless compassion,

looked down from on high on His Son.

Who committed His Spirit

in the hands of the Father,

and in triumph cried out: It is done!


It is done! it is finished!

Our sins are atoned for,

God's promise fulfilled by His Son.

The suffering Servant

Righteous Redeemer

our Saviour has suffered..and won!

Jesus has offered

His life for His people,

His flock, He was given to keep.

He carried their sins

to the end He was faithful.

The Shepherd Who died for His sheep.

They buried His body,

sealing the grave,

but Jesus triumphantly rose.

Heaven was opened

Satan defeated,

and God draws His children close.

And now we may live

redeemed and forgiven

in thankfulness and joy all our days.

Praising the Son,

praising the Spirit,

and glorify God for His grace.

And as we await

that glorious morning,

when Jesus shall come once again

to gather His sheep

from the ends of the earth.

And no-one is missing


Mrs B. de Jonge (Foxton).

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