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Book Review : Choices - which way, which one?

Last month I was asked to proof read a book prior to it being placed in our church library. This I did with pleasure; good excuse to leave the dusting etc.

The book is "Multiple choices - A guide for women" by Ruth A. Tucker (Zondervan, Grand Rapids, Michigan). It is about making wise choices in a complicated world. The book contains 14 chapters, including Impossible choices, lifestyle choices, spiritual choices, compassionate choices. "Multiple choices" encourages women to rise to the challenge of tough life decisions. Although the book is addressed to women it is equally valuable for men, young and old, encouraging us to make good choices.

Our choices should reflect positively on Jesus Christ. When making choices keep God in as the first priority: God - others - self. When this order is reversed or rearranged our choices will be distorted. In the chapter on enduring choices the author focuses on Mary, the mother of Jesus and on Eve, the mother of us all. Mary's focus was on God, Eve's focus was on Satan. Some decisions change not only our lives but also greatly influence the lives of others. Choices can have a rippling effect for generations to come. What is the focus of your life, serving God or Satan? Our most radical choice is the decision to follow Christ - a spiritual choice. To make the right choice we need to know God. We only get to know God through consistent study of the Scriptures.

Take one step at a time as His will for us unfolds, as we weigh one set of options against another and thus make the right choices guided by the principles found in God's Word. The ultimate right choice is our sanctification - that we live a Holy Life.

Lifestyle choice may well involve sacrifice. We are obligated to make lifestyle choices that fit us best for fulfilling God's will in our lives. The author mentions singles and gives us only one option - pursue a full vibrant lifestyle minus sexual activity. Lifestyle choices reflect commitment, nonconformity, sacrifice. At every stage our lives need to be lived according to eternal values, reflecting the image of God to the world around us.

Confident choices depend on a healthy self-image derived from the knowledge that we are created in the image of God.

The chapter on compassionate choices tells us that compassion is more than simply doing good things, it is an attitude, a service given with love motivated by our love for God.

At the end of each chapter are some searching questions; they will challenge us to think of options and/or decisions we need to make to better serve Christ.

I enjoyed reading this book, found it to be challenging, valuable and full of wisdom; a help to make godly choices for each one of us.

Mrs Corrie Vannoort - Bishopdale.
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