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Many people became excited, every time when one of the New Zealand team got a Gold medal at Atlanta.

How excited and happy many Christians were, when it was announced on the News, that the Christian Coalition was the first minor Party to pass the five percent in a recent opinion poll. Some cried tears of joy and were really excited. Tremendous news. Who ever thought, that it would happen?

Well we can praise and thank the Lord for that.

In the 1950s a Dutchman was asked by a Presbyterian minister, with whom he was on very friendly terms, "Why is it, that you like to talk about theology and politics?" He answered, "Because it is our bread and butter". He was quite right. We have all learned over the years, that the decisions that have been made in Parliament affect everyone in one way or another.

Someone asked me the other day: "Who are you going to vote for in the coming election?" I said, "The Christian Coalition". "What is the reason?" "Because National and Labour over the last twenty years or so, have disappointed many people". Then he asked, "What are your main concerns?" I said, "Law and order, Sunday trading, abortion, euthanasia, homosexuality and capital punishment". Then he went on, "And what about health and education?" I answered, "In my opinion these are only minor issues. You get the first six in perspective and the latter two will sort themselves out."

Now my question to you is - who are you going to vote for? This is a question you have to answer yourself.

I have been involved in the CHP since it was founded in 1987 and those I have been working with over the years, have always been full of enthusiasm. They are all from different backgrounds and walks of life but are all working for a common goal - to have God-fearing men and women elected in Parliament. One Parliamentary reporter told a Christian Democrat: You Christians have the potential of obtaining 12% of the vote. Under MMP we have a God-given opportunity to vote for the Christian Coalition. The policies are good, the candidates are of great calibre. Christian Coalition will not be the Government, but if some candidates are elected, will be participants in a coalition government. Some of their policies are non-negotiable.

But you might argue, I don't like so and so in the Christian Coalition. Remember none of us are perfect, throughout the ages, God has used sinful man to work out His Sovereign purposes.

In some electorates prayer meetings are held once a fortnight, praying for the leaders, candidates of the Christian Coalition and the nation. Do you or does your church pray for that too? We are commanded to pray for kings, princes and those in authority, remember what James says in chapter 6: The prayer of a righteous man availeth much.

Many non-Christians are not happy with what is happening in our society. They are just as concerned about the future for their children and grandchildren as we are. The difference being, we know Who holds the future. They are looking for an alternative. The Christian Coalition is a responsible alternative. We owe it to our covenant children and grandchildren. IT IS OUR DUTY TO VOTE FOR CHRISTIAN COALITION.

One Pentecostal minister has this to say: The major players in the political arena acknowledge that it is possible for the Christian Coalition to gain 5% of the Party vote. If we don't, then we are communicating that even as a lobby group, Christians are not sizeable enough to worry about and our lack of support for the Christian Coalition will issue them a mandate to proceed with even more of their ungodly agendas.

Whatever the outcome of the election may be, let us be mindful of what we read in Psalm 97:1. "The Lord reigns, let the earth be glad, let the distant shores rejoice."

Mr A Posthuma


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