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Abortion disaster - Will 1998 see any improvement?

The abortion debate does not go away. The latest report of the Abortion supervisory committee has recently been completed, which analyses the past year's abortions and makes recommendations and comments for the politicians and the public to ponder. What immediately strikes you when confronted by a report like this is the moral bankruptcy evident in our society and the committee who have been delegated the task of monitoring abortions in New Zealand.

The moral bankruptcy of a little nation like ours which now allows one baby to be killed in its mother's womb to every four births is self evident. When will ordinary New Zealanders cry out enough? Will we need to wait until 50% of babies are killed or 80% or 95% before there is genuine moral outrage? I suggest until there is a change of heart among our politicians, which is only likely if there is a widespread spiritual awakening among the whole population, we will become more and more complacent about abortion. Having said that, we can't wear the argument that we have to wait for that to happen before we can respond to this disastrous news. All men are responsible before God for their actions and it is the responsibility of the Church to declare this to sinful men and women, which includes our politicians. We cannot piously turn a blind eye to this outrage and not speak up. When we had few abortions an no legal abortions the country, I suggest, was no more Christian than it is now. There was, however, a greater acceptance of biblical values as somehow being right and true even if there was little heart religion. How do we explain this? God's restraining hand has to be the explanation. While God overruled the wicked hearts of rebellious men in former generations, a situation that gave a veneer of religion or cloak of respectability, the lid was kept on the corruption ready to belch forth from man's putrefied soul.

Our Sovereign Lord has now allowed man to follow his natural inclinations with less and less obvious restraint. This may well be the judgement of God upon our society as human depravity is given more and more free reign. Yes we must speak out and confront the leaders of our society and indeed all of society with their sin. The following detail needs to be part of that.

The data the Abortion Supervisory Committee is relying on from Denmark and the Netherlands to support the push for further sex education in primary schools is misleading. They use this data to try and prove that sex education in primary schools will get the abortion rate down. They fail to acknowledge that complete mandatory reporting of abortions is not required in those countries or that in the United States where mandatory sex education does exists so too does an extremely high abortion rate. We notice that in spite of the fact that our society has never been more exposed to sex education, and an openness to dialogue about sex, abortion has never been higher. It is the educated adults who have 80% of abortions. Even though they stress that New Zealanders should use more contraception, they also acknowledge that 58% of those who sought abortions were using contraception when they became pregnant.

Those who love the unborn vilified

The report also tends to vilify those who love the unborn to the extent that they will seek to counsel women to change their minds about having an abortion on the foot path outside abortion clinics. Such women are referred to in the report as persistent women and harassing anti-abortionists. The committee says of those who oppose abortion that they are a "small vociferous group...who seek to impose their values upon women…almost as punishment…without regard…without consideration." This is hardly an attempt to open dialogue with those who hold to traditional values in our society.

A Positive Suggestion

Our response should be not merely critical. We firmly believe that the Bible contains the answer to the present abortion rate and indeed all human social problems and evil. When biblical values were cherished in our society abortions were few and far between, even the so-called back street abortions. With the increasing permissiveness of our society and the lack of Christian values taught in the home and school, abortion has escalated. Our firm belief is that only a return to a serious acceptance of biblical values will turn around these disastrous abortion figures where 14,805 little children have their lives cut off before they have a chance to come to full term. Why not suggest to our local High Schools that we bring a programme teaching Christian values, the Christian world view and the gospel message to the children in the State schools? We can stress that it is only the message that we bring that will address the problem of youth suicide as well. I know that there is the notion abroad that Christians should keep their values to themselves, but we don't believe that do we? We can explain to the School board or headmaster/mistress that the basic problem that all people have is the reality of their rebellion against God and their need of the Lord Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. This rebellion or sin is the root cause of abortion and suicide. When a person is alienated from God, then that person has no hope. Will society become desperate enough to contemplate saying yes to such a suggestion from the church? I hope so. Let's pray for this and seek other opportunities to address our society at the point of their pain with the only remedy, the person of the Lord Jesus Christ.


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