From the 27th December 2000 to the 3rd of January 2001, another Family Camp was held at Finlay Park, just south of Cambridge, on the picturesque shores of Lake Karapiro.

The Rev. Ed. Rademaker led the morning discussions on the theme “Trusting God's Future”, and how faith in God overcomes... pride, impatience, bitterness, anxiety, and despondency. A lot of positive discussion arose from this most soul-searching subject.

Mr Reuben Ploeg led us in the evening devotions, which were well received. The Children's Bible Programme, “Going Bananas”, run by Marianne Slykhuis, and her band of young helpers, was also enjoyed by around 100 children.

There were, on average, around 220 people per day, and a full timetable kept everyone happy. There was also opportunity for the Auckland and Wellington Presbytery Family Camp Planning Committees to have a combined meeting to discuss the direction of future camps. This question was placed before the Camp as a whole, and it was voted that Family Camps should continue, and there was renewed commitment, from those attending, to the organisation of the next Camp.

As is always the case, when you are enjoying yourself, time seems to fly by, and we were all sorry to see our friends, old and new, head for home.

If you have never been to Family Camp, or it has been some time since your last Camp, consider it for this coming year. We look forward, Lord willing, to seeing you there.

Wellington Presbytery Family Camp Planning Committee



Registration Fees 16,192.06 Finlay Park Camp Hire 10,228.14

Collections (am & pm) 1,079.65 Rev. B. James (via Silverstream) 1,079.65

Canoe/boat hire 30.00 Canoes 90.00

Casual meal Money 25.00 Breakages 52.90

Sale of Goods 202.07 BibleSchool/Crafts/Sports 259.53

Interest 16.33 Bread 270.34

Frozens 138.06

Meat 1,263.83

Vegetables 1,101.37

Milk/Eggs 501.17

Groceries 2,444.82

Withholding Tax 10.44

Fireworks 29.95

Income over Expenditure 63.13

TOTAL 17,533.33 17,533.33

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