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Don't We Treasure our Pin Code? Dick G. Vanderpyl

Isn't it true how much we treasure our pin-coded bankcards? We make sure that no one hangs over our shoulders to read our pin numbers. It has happened, though, that a card has been snatched out of the owner's hands. I saw it happen some years ago; her so-called boy-friend hung over her shoulder, watched her pin the magical code, then quickly grabbed her money and card!

What do you do when your precious card has been lost! You sprint to the nearest branch, or get on the phone and, out of breath, urge them to “stop” the use of your card.

There is a move now to do away with pincodes and passwords. Fingerprints will be on the way out! Passport will be history. Even fraud might be more difficult, the experts hope! It's just around the corner! Your body will be your identification via a new system called “biometry.”

New methods can now trace and recognise unique body characteristics!

a. A sensor “touches” the surface of your finger and compares it with information on the computer!

b. The retina of your eyes is scanned by an infrared camera, and filters the blood vessels to get a pattern unique to you alone.

c. A heat-sensored camera will check your face for sources of heat.

d. You may be required to lay your hand on a flat surface, and a camera will measure the lengths and thickness of your fingers.

e. Your voice will be converted to electronic signals.

f. Then there is the touch-dynamic when you're asked to touch one of the key-numbers; speed and pressure will identify whom you are.

g. The dynamic of the signature; a sensitive pen registers the speed of your signature on a pad.

There are two more methods in the laboratory still in the experimental phase. Scanning the veins of one's hand, and measuring your blood pressure by way of a sound signal.

Well, it's all there, sometime in the near future! No more searching for your pin number in your mind or secret place. You'll be carrying it in the flesh till the last day of your life. Some of them are already in use. Your house-key, your pincode, your password have nearly reached their “use by” date.

What You Need To Get What Really Counts

As I read this, and mulled it over, the thought came to me to compare all this with our entrance into heaven! Yes, I thought, what is our smart card or code to enter heaven? In Psalm 139 we read that the Lord searches us, knows where we are, perceives our thoughts, discerns our comings and goings and is familiar with all our ways! We have the comfort of knowing that no sins, no matter what, will be remembered against us any more.

Well, our pin number to our eternal home is far simpler!

First, we who believe and have put our trust in Jesus Christ as their Saviour, have already been `pinned' in well before the foundation of the world. Believe in Him, and you shall be saved! That's your pincode! Whosoever believes in Him, as their Saviour, will have eternal life. No opening an account, no code to pin in. We, who have given our hearts to the Lord are already in the Book of Life! Knock, and Heaven's door shall be opened. To believe is the fruit of the Holy Spirit. It is the Lord who opens our hearts and minds to a free offer of salvation. Faith is the instrument, the key, by which we are saved.

Let me conclude with just one quote from Scripture. In the Gospel of John we read that our Heavenly Father so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son - accessing - that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life (3:16).

The key is “to believe” - full stop. It is therefore our thankfulness to God to live our lives as witnesses in this world! We have been saved by grace as a gift from God, not by works, otherwise we would boast that we `pinned' our entrance to eternal life.

Well, shouldn't we share this with those who haven't found the heavenly pin number? And in the meantime our pincode is secured in the Book of Life in Heaven.

Pincodes allow access to our bank accounts. The balance in our bank account shows how much we put in (saved). The heavenly pincode - our faith in Christ - allows access to the Throne of God! The balance has been given by Christ, and it is unlimited!

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