How to make the most of these studies

1. What is an Interactive Bible Study?

These `interactive' Bible studies are a bit like a guided tour of a famous city. The studies will take you through the Olivet Discourse in Matthew 24, pointing out things along the way, filling in background details, and suggesting avenues for further exploration. But there is also time for you to do some sight-seeing of your own - to wander off, have a good look for yourself and form your own conclusions.

In other words, these studies are designed to fall half-way between a sermon and a set of unadorned Bible study questions. There is stimulation provided and input and a pointing in - hopefully! - the right direction, while leaving you free to do a lot of the exploration and discovery yourself.

That is why it is an `interactive' study - interacting with the Bible, with the talks given, with your own present thoughts and attitudes, with other people as you discuss them, and with the Lord as you talk to Him about it all.

2. The format

Each study deals with a part of the Olivet Discourse and contains sections of text to introduce, summarise, suggest and provoke. Interspersed throughout the text are two types of `interaction':

Digging Deeper

Questions to help you investigate key parts of the Bible

Thinking It Through

Questions to help you think through the implications of your discoveries.

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