Theological College of Central Africa (TCCA) (March 2, 2008)

Theological College of Central Africa

This is the college in Zambia where Timothy and Zara will work.

Taken from Timothy and Zara Woos’ presentation of 22 November 2007.

The Theological College of Central Africa (TCCA), in Ndola, is the first evangelical, degree-awarding, theological institution in Central Africa.  It is an interdenominational college, primarily serving the churches and organisations united under the Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia.

TCCA’s mission statement “is to train men and women at a post-secondary level in theology and education which is Bible-based, relevant to the African context, and evangelical in character, in order that they will grow in their love for God and for their neighbours as they: follow Jesus Christ in every aspect of life; fulfil His command to make disciples of all nations; and equip others for Christian service in the church and in the world.”

The Theological College of Central Africa has six fulltime academic staff (three American missionaries and three Africans), 37–38 students currently (45–50 normally).

Since its inception in January 1982 TCCA has been offering a four-year Bachelor of Theology programme and a three-year Diploma of Theology programme.  There are three majors: pastoral, education and missions.

Its library has 16,000 volumes and 50 journals.  The job description of the librarian is to oversee the smooth running and use of the library.

The challenges for the library include maintaining a high-quality theological education and training dedicated leaders that the churches needed.  It has very inadequate resources and an outdated computer system.

These are the challenges facing the incoming librarian, Timothy Woo, and his aim will be to contribute and indeed help to make a difference.

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