Newsletter (October 16, 2014)

Dear all, We attended an orientation for new students at the University of Zambia organised by our church. It is a week-long programme held in the evening from Monday to Friday. This is the first time that we attended the orientation and we were very impressed by what the senior students had organised. There were talks by different graduates who spoke about their occupation and what thy have been doing since graduation. All of them talked about how their Christian faith affects their life. We also had talks about relationships in the university, stress management and time management. Again, all the speakers brought in the gospel in their talks. The last evening was a gospel meeting, but before that a student also talked about the importance of having Christian friendship at the University. We went there just to chat with the students and we were struck by their willingness to talk to someone whom they have never met. They were all very friendly and open to talk about the Christian faith. This is something we will not be able to do easily in the western world. So we are happy to be able to participate and hopefully we will meet some of them at church.

Zara’s mum has completed her radiation therapy treatment and started the recovery process. The progress of the recovery has been very good and we pray and hope that she will be back to her old self again very soon.

It is getting very hot now so everyone is hoping the rain will come soon. The heat is a dry heat, so it is not too uncomfortable and the good thing in Zambia is that during the evening and morning it cools down quite a bit, and here in Lusaka normally we do have some breezes most of the time.

Zambia will be celebrating its 50th anniversary of independence on 24 October, so there will be lots of celebrations going on in the coming week. Please pray that we will continue to enjoy peace and religious freedom and we will see revivals in this land. With Christian love.

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