Newsletter (July 31, 2014)

Dear all, Most of you must have heard that Ebola has spread in three countries in West Africa: Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone. More than 700 people have already died. Last week we heard that two of our missionaries in Liberia were infected with Ebola. This came as a huge shock to us, especially Zara as she met one of them in Nairobi last November. The whole SIM community has been asked to pray for them and the latest update follows our letter.

Our international director, Dr Joshua Bogunjoko, writes, “Of course my heartfelt prayer is for Nancy and Kent to survive the virus. My prayers also go out to their families, friends, supporters and churches. Can you pray with me for their situation, those caring for them, and also for this virus—that it will be contained and will not spread further than it has already—and that our God will continue to be glorified even through these trying events? Can you be in prayer as well for the joint Rapid Response Team who has been tasked to manage this situation?”

We have also attached an article written by him. The latest news is that the two missionaries have some slight improvement but are still in a serious condition.

June to August are usually the busiest months for us in the office. There are many short-term people coming and going. Most of them are going to or coming back from Mukinge Hospital but this year we do have one who is spending two months in Lusaka. In addition we have some missionaries going back on home assignment and one missionary is coming long term to serve in Mongu, Western Province. She has been in Lusaka for about two weeks before heading out this Saturday. So we are having some very busy moments right now, and that will last till the middle of August. We have been unwell for the past two weeks and please also pray that we have the strength and wisdom to do all that we need to do.

Timothy’s mum has been quite stable recently. However, we heard two weeks ago that Zara’s mum was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer. Since then she has undergone several tests and the doctor will start radiation therapy on her in the middle of August. She accepted the news quite well and Zara has been encouraging her to rest in the Lord. Because of that we are going back to Hong Kong to be with her in the first two weeks of September as her condition will be very difficult during that time. Please pray for her.

The Biennial Church Conference on Discipleship was very good and we found the preaching and talks by Pastor Riecke very good. We are also very happy to see our church emphasising so much on discipleship as this is much needed in this nation. With Christian love.

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