Newsletter (May 15, 2014)

Dear all, We had our annual Spiritual Life Conference held from 21 to 25 April. Most of our missionaries in Zambia came. We had a very good and restful time of fellowship and sharing. The messages by our international director were excellent and challenging. Timothy was the organiser of the conference so we were a bit busy before it started.

We had a particularly busy two weeks after the conference finished. There were many people coming and going and our guest house was full many days. Most people have gone now, so it is a bit quiet at the moment.

Timothy is in South Africa attending the regional council meeting on behalf of the director, as he has already started his home assignment. He will be back on Saturday.

Timothy’s mum has not been well recently. She has lost her appetite and feels very tired. She had fever one day last week and the rest home sent her to the hospital. The doctor found out her kidney functions were very poor and asked us to prepare for the worst. Since then her condition has stabilised but we will go back to Hong Kong to visit her for a few days from 22 to 27 May. She is 96 and has lost the will to live. Please pray that she will experience our Lord’s comfort and joy at her last days. With Christian love.

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