Newsletter (April 10, 2014)

Dear all, We did take a week off and went to Namibia. We spent some time in Swakopmund, a coastal town. It is amazing to see the desert just next to the sea and we went to see one of the sand dunes and some places look like moon landscapes. We did not do much, just took a rest. That part of Namibia is very German, as it was a German colony before. There are still a number of German historic buildings preserved in the old town area and most people speak German and Afrikaans. Namibia is more affluent than Zambia and some parts of it are very similar to South Africa.

Since we moved to our new office building we have been renovating our old office space to convert it into our SIM Zambia guest house. Previously our guest house is in a place which is 20 minutes’ drive away where our office used to be. It is not too convenient when people arrive and we have to shuttle them between these two places. The renovation has completed and we started to receive people last week. It is much better than the old guesthouse and hopefully our missionaries will find it a comfortable place to rest and stay.

Rain has almost stopped now, although the past two days have been quite cool and this evening we had some rain. We did enjoy the rain season here. It seldom rains nonstop, but the sky is clear and air fresh. When the rain stops, it will be quite dusty again.

Many currencies have dropped against the US$ since January 2014, and the Zambian Kwacha has dropped quite a lot too. We hope the Kwacha will be stabilised soon, otherwise everything will increase in price and it will be hard for many people here.

We have had two medical students from America and a medical doctor from New Zealand come last week for Mukinge Hospital.

From next week onwards we will be seeing many people coming and going and that will be quite a busy time for us. In two weeks’ time we will have our Spiritual Life Conference and our international director, Dr Joshua Bogunjoko, will be the speaker. His theme is “Abide in Me and I in You”. Dr Bogunjoko is from Nigeria and he is the first-ever African to be SIM international director. We are co-ordinating the running of the conference. Please pray that we will have good messages preached to us and everything will run smoothly without problems. The venue, as in previous years, is in a lodge 45 minutes north of Lusaka.

After that we will attend the Field Council meeting and Timothy will also need to attend a special SIM Zambia board meeting on 28 April, and the director will leave for home assignment on the next day and Timothy will be acting director till he comes back in late August. Please pray for wisdom and strength as he takes up more responsibility in these few months. With Christian love.

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