Newsletter (March 13, 2014)

Dear all, For the past few days we have had visits from our East Africa office director who is based in Ethiopia. He came with the global mission co-ordinator of the Ethiopian Church who sent two missionaries to Zambia through SIM. Our director also visited them in Ethiopia before they came. It is very encouraging to receive these dear brothers in Christ and have fellowship with them. We wish we could have spent more time with them and listen to their testimonies. From the bits and pieces that we knew, we were very encouraged. We hope they can write down their testimonies so that more people can read and benefit from them.

We are thankful that God sent them to visit Zambia during the time when we were discouraged and stressed. We could turn our eyes away from our problems and look at the mission field from a broad perspective and see what God has been or is doing in other parts of Africa. No doubt every place has its own problem but we could see God is moving in the midst of troubles and problems.

At the end of February we went through some particularly busy and stressful time. There were several unexpected incidents at work which all happened at the same time. For one incident, we had to go to another town to investigate. By God’s grace and your prayers we managed to pass through that week. We still need to deal with the aftermath of some of them, but things are better now.

Zara was sick three weeks ago and she is slowly recovering and is still very tired. We are taking a week off from Friday 14 March and will take a bit of rest in Namibia. Hope we will have a restful time there. With Christian love.

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