Newsletter (February 6, 2013)

Dear all, Greetings from Zambia! January was quite hectic for us. There were several people coming, as well as a team of ten short-termers from Sydney. For a week or two we have been flat out. February and March look to be more quiet. We have had lots of rain since end of December, but there was less thunder and lightning than Ndola.

We visited Ndola for a very short two days during Christmas. We managed to see the student couple who have gone to serve in Malawi, and a few families that were still in TCCA, and a pastor who is our very good friend. We also spent some time with our missionary family who is teaching in TCCA.

We also managed to visit a Bible college, GLO Zambia, a training centre started by CMML (Christian Missions in Many Lands, a Brethren mission). We do know the principal and some of its teaching staff who were TCCA graduates and surprisingly we never managed to visit the college when we were in Ndola. It was good to pay them a visit as the principal has just retired. Incidentally he is also the board chairman of SIM Zambia.

Please pray for our ministry outside of SIM Zambia. Timothy will help to develop and improve the church library. He may also need to give some advice and training to the librarian who is coming to manage the library of the new African Christian University. He is also scheduled to preach three times in the Chinese Fellowship from February to May.

Please also pray for Zara as she is still not sure what she could participate in, but we trust God for his guidance. The church seems to have some plans of setting up a school for orphans but not sure how soon it will be up and running. Please continue to pray for joy at work. We have been going through a very stressful time for the past few months and there seems to have been no end in sight yet so please pray for our wellbeing. With Christian love.

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