Newsletter (September 26, 2013)

Dear all, Our regional treasurer came a few weeks ago to do an internal audit of our accounts, and also to train Timothy in the finance work that he is doing. It is a pleasure and joy for us to meet him and we are very encouraged by him. The audit went well and he is happy with our work for the past two to three years. Timothy seems to be on the right track and he was very happy to learn many aspects of the finance work from our treasurer.

During that week Timothy tried to move the van to the front of the office to load some boxes one evening. Lots of unexpected events had happened on that day which delayed the progress and so he attempted to save some time by such a move. He did not realise the van was in first gear and when the engine was started the van moved forward slowly. Somehow he could not stop it and since the van was parked quite close to the rubbish pit it slowly went down to the pit! Timothy climbed out alright and we later hauled the van up. It suffered some slight damage and is still in the garage for repairs. Afterwards we could see things could have been much worse, but we thank God for his protection. We were also told that the rubbish pit should have dug in an unobscured place but now it ‘made sense’ as it made the van stop, otherwise it might have hit a wall!

Our deputy international director for East and Southern Africa and his wife also paid SIM Zambia a visit last week. Together with our director they visited all our missionaries in Lusaka, Choma, Mongu, Kasempa and Ndola. So we had quite a busy week.

Zara received many enquiries from different sending offices recently, so she has been busy answering their enquiries and arranging possible placements. In a way it is good as we do not have many people coming recently. We do have a pharmacist arriving tomorrow early in the morning and we are going to pick her up from the airport. There are some very good people who are considering coming to Zambia to serve. Please pray that if it is God’s will, they will be able to come.

We met our good friends recently in Lusaka, a lovely couple originally from Rwanda. The husband was a former TCCA graduate and later on continued to teach in TCCA. They left two years ago and now they are serving in Kasama in Northern Province with World Vision. We were very pleased to meet them as we have not heard from them for quite a while. Please pray that they will be able to continue to live in Zambia and they will be granted residency here.

It is getting very hot now, especially during the day, but it is still cool at night and in the early morning. We thought September should be less windy, but we still have lots of wind, and so it is very dusty. With Christian love.

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