Newsletter (August 1, 2013)

Dear all, Thanks for all your prayers and we are now more settled in Lusaka. We have started attending the Lusaka Baptist Church recently. It is a very big church and we did not go in the beginning thinking it will be too big for us. Somehow God led us to try the evening worship there two Sundays ago. Surprisingly we feel at home in it and we can participate really well in the worship service, the right singing for us and good Biblical teaching. The church folks are very friendly and welcoming and we even met two small girls we knew in Ndola days. They have 18 home groups altogether meeting on Tuesday evenings. Yesterday we attended the one near our place and there were about 16 of us there. Again it was a good meeting and most likely we will continue worshipping there. We believe participating in the life of a good church is essential in our spiritual growth here, and please continue to pray that we will also settle well in this church.

We were supposed to go to Mongu in the Western Province two weeks ago to represent SIM at the graduation of the Evangelical Bible College. The principal is a TCCA graduate we know and what a good opportunity to see him again. This would be our first time visiting the Western Province, and we were keen to have first-hand experience of the SIM ministries there. Part of the road passes though the Kafue National Park (the biggest national park in Zambia) where we normally encounter some animals. So we were excited to go, although it would take about eight hours by car to reach Mongu. However on the night before we were supposed to go, Timothy tried to take a shower and when he stepped in and tried to close the shower door, it disintegrated and the whole door fell into pieces. Glass were flying everywhere and he had some cuts to the fingers and foot. Some wounds were quite deep. It was a scary experience but we thanked God that the door fell away from him. So we had to cancel the trip as it was not convenient for him to drive. His wounds have fully healed now. The landlady is out of the country and will be back tomorrow. So we will tell her and hopefully she will replace the door quickly. With Christian love.

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