Newsletter (July 11, 2013)

Dear all, Sorry for the long silence. We have been very busy for the past month and we forgot or did not have the time to do many things, or reply to e-mail messages.

The high number of missionaries passing through Lusaka continues, and we have been busy meeting them at the airport or in the office, or sending them away. We have also been busy sharing with others hosting some of the missionaries passing through. Although we are busy we have much joy to be able to meet so many brothers and sisters in the Lord who are passionate to serve our Lord. Meeting them and talking to them is a huge encouragement to us and we are indeed thankful to our Lord for placing us in the office to help them. We still have much to learn but at least we are able to do most of the essential things that we need to do. Our director is on annual leave right now, so Timothy is acting for him until 13 August. Please pray that he will have the wisdom and strength to do everything and that during this time no big problem will arise. With Christian love.

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