Newsletter (June 13, 2013)

Dear all, We have been very busy working in the head office. There are many things to learn and remember. Since we do not have a treasurer for SIM Zambia, Timothy is the one in charge of finance matters for the time being. Because of this, our internal auditor, together with her family, came to show him what’s involved especially at month ends.

There are many people passing through the office. Some are coming short term, ranging from two weeks to ten months. Some are going back after serving here for a short while. Some are long-term missionaries going back on home assignment. It is good to be able to meet different missionaries and hear about their experiences. We finally met our fellow Kiwi missionary Dr David Friend after five long years! He is serving in Mukinge Hospital and we were in Ndola and somehow we always missed each other, until now.

For the past two Sundays we went to a Reformed Baptist church about 20 minutes’ drive away. It was planted by one of the two very big Reformed Baptist churches in Lusaka. It is situated in a newly developed area. Surprisingly all the roads are tar sealed and though it is quite far from us, it won’t take very long to reach there because the traffic is light on Sunday mornings. Our pastor in Ndola recommended two churches to us to attend and this is one of them. The other one is even further away. We will continue attending this church for a while.

Living in Lusaka is very different from Ndola. Driving is difficult and dangerous as there are many reckless drivers who do not follow driving rules and Timothy has to be very concentrated and so it is very tiring. We just drive to the nearby places to buy things and very seldom do we go to the CBD area as traffic is very congested. We just do not have the motivation to go anywhere, unless it is necessary.

We are getting used to live in the new house now. There are one or two things that we need to adjust to, but in general it is a good house to live in and we are grateful for SIM Zambia’s willingness to get this house for us. When the rainy season comes we will know if the roof or the windows leak, but we hope it will be ok. The weather has been a bit cool these two days and we walked to the office in the mornings and it took us about 20 minutes. We saw many people walking to work or to school and the only thing we do not enjoy is the dust from the dirt roads.

Timothy went to Choma (the provincial capital of the Southern Province) on Tuesday to sort out some issues concerning the house for a missionary family. He went together with several others and he was the one driving in the morning. This was his first time driving in that part of the country and the conditions of part of the road were much worse than that from Ndola to Lusaka. He was fortunate to be not the one driving back in the dark as there are many potholes that are difficult to see.

We are still having power load shedding but it seems the frequency has decreased and we did not even have any power cuts last week. We do have a small generator and we still find it difficult to start it. Maybe the writer of this newsletter (Timothy) does not have the strength to pull the string to start it. Other people seem to be able to start their generators easily. It runs on petrol and one day we bought some fuel and put it in a metal container. Timothy put it in the boot but forgot the roads are very bumpy. After a while we could smell a strong smell of petrol in the car and when we reached home and open the boot we found out the container has toppled and nearly all the petrol was spilled. So five litres of fuel went down the drain just within two minutes of driving! Such is life!

Perhaps we would like to repeat what we wrote last time. Please continue to pray for us as we try to adjust to life in Lusaka and serving in our mission office. Humanly speaking this is not easy but we trust in God’s grace and we hope to get through this initial stage of adjustment quickly. With Christian love.

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