Newsletter (August 16, 2012)

Dear all, Our pastor friend went back to America two weeks ago. We had a very good time with him and the students loved his teaching. They were begging him to return to teach them another course. We believe he represents the type of lecturers we need most in TCCA—someone who has the pastoral heart and passion not just to give knowledge to students, but touching their hearts as well, so that they will be transformed and become more godly. Sadly this type of lecturer is not easy to find.

After a long while, we both got malaria again last week. We notice that whenever we are tired or very busy, then we can get malaria easily. This time the malaria seems to be quite bad. Timothy has lots of pain around the neck and Zara felt very tired. She was still very tired this week and we went back to have another blood test and it seems that she still has a trace of malaria left. Anyway, we should be able to take some rest as we do not need to work in the afternoons during term break until the first week of September.

Tomorrow, two SIM missionaries will be coming to stay with us for two days. They are from Kasempa where Mukinge Hospital is. One is a Malaysian girl who has been a teacher here for two years and she has finished her term and is returning home at the end of the month. She is coming to say goodbye. The other is the head-teacher of the primary school and she is from Britain.

We will go to Lusaka for five days from 25 August. There is a TCCA Sunday in one of the churches there and we hope to sell as many Bibles and books as possible before we leave in February next year. Also we may have to go to Immigration to find out about Zara’s employment permit as it is still not yet issued. Most importantly we plan to meet with our director and discuss with him about our future in Zambia. We believe God is leading us to the decision of not returning to TCCA after our home assignment next year. However we do not know yet what his plan will be for us. We may return to Zambia in another capacity, and that we need to discuss with our director. God may want us to remain in New Zealand and not to return. Please pray for us as we seek his guidance and that he may reveal his will for us in due course. With Christian love.

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