Newsletter (July 26, 2012)

Dear all, TCCA had a strategic planning meeting last week. It was organised by the board, so several board members came, together with a number of staff and representatives from stakeholders like SIM. We spent three days talking about the future direction of TCCA, its vision and mission. The discussions were generally good, and some good ideas were raised and discussed. Hopefully the board will spend more time deliberating on what has been talked about and send the draft to us for comment before the end of the year.

We are hosting a pastor from America this week and next. He is coming to teach a course at TCCA and will be staying with us till next Friday. We met him about four years ago and are very pleased to meet him again. He is a great pastor and teacher and we enjoy sharing with him.

Last time we asked you to pray for our student Eric who was complaining of heart pain. Eventually we brought him to see a heart specialist who did some tests and the doctor said his heart is fine, and prescribed some medication for him. He is now much better, still a bit weak, but has gone back to the Southern Province to finish his internship. We thank the Lord that he feels much better now.

Just a short note this time. Please continue to pray for us, especially our future next year when our term finishes in January. With Christian love.

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