Newsletter (July 5, 2012)

Dear all, We were so thrilled to learn that Vicar Stolte has accepted the call to become our minister in Dunedin. Sometimes we wondered if we would ever get another minister as we have called one vicar or minister after another and all turned down the calls. Finally we have Vicar Stolte answering God’s call and we are so happy and relieved to know that when we return to Dunedin next year we will be able to meet the new minister! We are sure the whole congregation received the news with great excitement and great joy.

We have been still very busy as usual and we need your prayers and ask God to sustain us during this busy period. After coming back from holiday in May we feel like having another holiday just to take a rest and recover from exhaustion. Timothy has just resumed preaching tonight and please continue to pray that he will have enough time to prepare and God will give him the message to preach.

Our top student, Eric, is from Burundi (the small country just south of Rwanda). He is in his final year and was doing an internship this term. However he felt unwell two weeks ago and was sent back to Ndola to seek further treatment. He complained of heart pain and pounding of the heart especially at night. Medical care here is very inadequate and it is not easy to find a good and reliable doctor, especially as we were having a long weekend in the past few days. We finally managed to find a heart specialist and we hope he will be able to find out what is the problem with Eric.

He had a traumatic experience in Burundi during the civil war period and whenever we listened to his testimony we were all moved to tears. While everyone around him was killed by the rebels he was saved by God and from that day on he vowed to live for God and God alone. He is passionate about God and spent time in Mozambique and Malawi to spread the gospel. After that he felt he needed to equip himself more in order to serve God better and so came to TCCA to study. He has done so well that he became our top student. We are all very worried by his condition and please also pray for him for full recovery so that he will be able to continue serving God. With Christian love.

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