Newsletter (June 14, 2012)

Dear all, Sorry for the long silence. We had been extremely busy for the past two weeks and we were exhausted by last Friday. Hopefully we could take some rest this week, but next week will be busy again.

The missionaries living two houses away from us are retiring and have gone back to the UK last week. Before they went, they had to vacate from their rental house and they stayed with us for a week. They have been missionaries for 20 years, 9 years in Congo and 11 years in Zambia. They had an organisation doing various community works in Ndola and they also taught part-time in TCCA. They are a lovely couple and we had a great time together before they left. They will be missed greatly, by us and the TCCA students.

Then the annual Graduate Enrichment Seminar was held last week from Wednesday to Friday. This is an annual event for the past graduates to come back and have fellowship together, so that they can return home refreshed and encouraged. This year the main preacher was Pastor Conrad Mbewe, a pastor greatly used by God not only in Zambia but in America and Britain as well. The turnout this year was very good. We also set up two classrooms to sell books, Bibles, CDs, DVDs and other stuff to raise money for TCCA. We were surprised to see so many things were sold. The books were nearly cleaned out.

On top of that, the internet provider came to install a hotspot in TCCA, and we had to go to check on the house for our missionary family who is coming to teach. The house is under renovation so we went there to see the progress of the work. Plus one or two other things, and at the end of the week we were totally exhausted and up till now we still have not fully recovered and still feel tired.

We also met the vice-principal of the South Africa Theological Seminary (SATS) who came up last week to talk to the alumni about the forthcoming MTh programme, which will be conducted in partnership with TCCA. We were a bit anxious about the offering of this new programme from TCCA, but after talking to him we are a bit more optimistic and hopefully the programme will be successfully launched in December 2012. With Christian love.

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