Newsletter (November 17, 2011)

Dear all, Hope you all are well. We are fine but busy. The school year is finishing next week and so there will be many things to do before the graduation which will be held on 3 December.

After our last newsletter which we said the weather was very hot, rain has finally come but not as much as we expected. At least it is cooler, except for one or two days, so we are very thankful that we are not as tired as before. Some friends asked us if it would be good to install an air-conditioner at home. Actually it is not quite necessary. Our house has a tiled roof, so it is not as hot as a house having a corrugated iron roof. We can easily get by with a fan that turns on. The heat here is dry heat so it is not as uncomfortable as a humid heat like Hong Kong or Singapore.

Please continue to pray for new students. The situation is quite hopeful but we need your prayers so that all those people that they said they could come can really come. Things here won’t be certain until they actually arrive. Some said they have already found enough financial support but at the last minute things might go wrong. People who made pledges to support someone may in the end not honour their promise. People who are very certain they will get paid leave from the government or the armed forces may find out at the last minute that their applications were unsuccessful. There may be family problems, etc. So we need to pray for the new students that there will be no obstacle preventing them to come here to study.

We don’t know if you remembered Young Fan (not Dr Fan). He is the young chap whom Timothy used to have some discussions with about Christianity. He moves to Lusaka for about two years now. For the past year he went into partnership with an older man and engaged in some business. However he was cheated and lost all his capital. He tried to get it back but has so far not been successful. He is very depressed and from time to time will call Timothy. We wanted to visit him in Lusaka but could not find the time to go. Please pray for him so that he could remember God in this dark hour of his life and that he may be able to get back his money and return to China. With Christian love.

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