Newsletter (October 6, 2011)

Dear all, We were writing this newsletter last week but then got interrupted and could not finish. Our former director was in Ndola last week to teach a course at TCCA and since the new guest flat was occupied, we asked him to stay with us instead. He just returned from home assignment and we have not seen him for more than a year so we spent much time talking and sharing.

The election, which was held on Tuesday two weeks ago, was a very tense one. The announcement of election results was delayed and very few people knew what was going on on Wednesday. By Thursday people were getting impatient and riots started in Kitwe and spread to Ndola. There was looting in town and in several townships. All shops and offices were closed and everyone went home. Eventually just past midnight it was announced that the opposition party had won the election and suddenly everyone went out to celebrate. The Copperbelt region and Lusaka are the opposition strongholds, so we could experience firsthand the jubilation of the people in hearing the official announcement by the Chief Justice. We were all woken up by the noise. Every car was hooting and rushing into town. We have never seen so many people, young and old, running along Kwacha Road. Everyone was so excited. It was a bit scary to see so many people running past, as they could easily get into our house, but God protected us and gave us safety. That went on possibly for the whole night, and most of Friday. Things gradually quietened down and by Saturday things were back to normal. The former president gave a gracious speech in conceding defeat and we just praise the Lord that he listens to our prayers and the election turned out to be quite fair and although there was some violence it quickly died down. In short, Zambia shows the world, that even in Africa, succession of power can be done peacefully. Many people have pinched their hope on the new government to improve their livelihood. We will see if that will materialise. Please continue to pray for this nation as a change of government always means changes and pray that the country will be able to move forward.

Thanks to all your prayers Timothy’s preaching last Sunday went well. By God’s grace he could preach with liberty, even though this was the first time he preached in English. People seem to find his messages good.

Our principal has returned from Singapore and Hong Kong. He was very encouraged by the two meetings in our home church. He was very impressed with the number of people who came and the seriousness of those attending. There were many young people who came and he so enjoyed preaching to them. His passion is to preach and teach God’s words to anyone who wants to listen and understand more.

Regarding the missing parcels, most of them have finally turned up but Timothy’s medicine has still not yet arrived. Please pray that they will turn up soon, otherwise he has to buy the medications here again and they are very expensive and stock may have run out. With Christian love.

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