Newsletter (August 4, 2011)

Dear all, The last malaria that we had several weeks ago was a bit different than the previous ones. We felt very tired for at least two weeks and we thought we might have a relapse. Only in recent days did we feel a bit better. Please remember our health in your prayers.

The Chinese group of Christians which we mentioned last time has gone back. Most of them are from Vancouver, one from Melbourne and the pastor is from Botswana. We did manage to visit the basic school one morning and we were very impressed by what they have been doing. Basically they are partnering with the Ministry of Education to offer primary education through a basic school. They are also helping with some financial support to several teachers. The teachers are very enthusiastic and the students eager to come to school. The reputation of the school grows and more and more parents want to send their children to attend the schools and now they have about 200 students. The students that we met there are very different from the city kids, and less ‘polluted’ in many ways. The aim of the group is to spread the gospel to the students and the teachers. The highlight of their trip was the baptism of one senior teacher. More people will come again in several weeks’ time and hopefully, they will be able to stay longer.

One of our students and his church invited us to set up a book stall at the church for the past two Sundays. This is a Pentecostal Assembly of God (PAOG) church with quite a big congregation. They are worshipping at the nearby high school, with a new church being built right next to our church. Pentecostal and charismatic churches are the fastest growing churches in Zambia. There is a wide spectrum of them. Some are very extreme and emphasise health and wealth, but then many others like the PAOG are not.

For various reasons we have attended some services in a number of Pentecostal churches in different towns and a number of them are pastored by TCCA graduates. They are all very Biblical; emphasis on expository preaching, Bible study, etc. Some of them are very Reformed as well. There is very little difference between a traditional Pentecostal and a non-Pentecostal church in Zambia. One can only tell the difference by their music and how they pray together. Certainly to the few churches that we went to, there is no emphasis on tongues, healing, etc, but emphasis on good solid Biblical preaching. This is quite an eye-opener for us, as possibly we wouldn’t go to a Pentecostal church in Hong Kong or New Zealand.

The President has announced an election will be held on 20 September. People are worried that outbreaks of violence will occur here and there, before and after the election. Please pray especially that this election will be fair and without violence, and that a good leader will be elected.

Please pray also for the appointment of TCCA’s new principal. Initially there were only two candidates, whom we know quite well. Now suddenly there are six candidates, with interviews being held later this month. We don’t know who the other four are, but please pray earnestly that our Lord will guide the Board to select someone who is suitable and worthy to become the next principal. Please also continue to pray for new students next year. Things are not looking too promising at this moment.

Very excited to know Rev de Vos and Rev Moreau are visiting Dunedin. Hope everything goes well. We hope our church will find a minister very soon. With Christian love.

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