Newsletter (June 16, 2011)

Dear all, The graduate enrichment seminar which was held last week was good. At one stage there were about 100 graduates, some with their spouses and children, attending the seminars and the chapel was very full, a scene seldom seen in recent years. Two scholars from the Center for Early Africa Christianity, Eastern University, Pennsylvania were the main speakers. This centre has done lots of research into the history of early Christianity, especially the important role Africa has played in its development. The speakers gave many good insights and encouragements to the present day African Christians. The first session was a Bible study on the Ethiopian eunuch and it was an excellent one. We hope it was recorded so that we can go back and listen to it again and again. The graduate seminar is now becoming more meaningful to us, as there are more graduates whom we know personally start to come back. There are also a few of them who attended this annual event for the first time ever, since they graduated many years ago and it is so good to see them around. We also set up a stall to sell books and Bibles for TCCA and the response was quite good.

Please continue to pray for the appointment of a new principal. The board met last weekend and again the search process was delayed further. The later this appointment is made, the more uncertain the whole process will become. Please pray that the man whom God chooses will be appointed and that no one will sidetrack the process so that a wrong person would be appointed instead. Please also continue to pray for new students next year. It is a bit quiet on the application front and we hope more people will start applying soon.

The IT specialist from Melbourne arrived on Monday and he stayed with us until today. He helped us to design some new web pages, and improve the existing ones. His presence is much appreciated. He was sent by SIM Australia and will be in Zambia visiting different places to help out for two months.

Winter has finally come and it is particularly cold in the morning, with temperature dropping below 10 degrees. Since we have clear sky more or less every day, as the day progresses, it will get warm quickly and by lunch time the temperature will rise to around 27–28 degrees most days. Hope you all are well. With Christian love.

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