Newsletter (June 2, 2011)

Dear all, Our principal is retiring at the end of the year. The board should have announced who will be succeeding him. However, there were delays and so far nothing has been confirmed yet. Last week the board chairman came to talk to the staff and informed us that there were two applicants, both of them are known to most of us. They have been teaching in TCCA from time to time. Please pray that the board may have wisdom in deciding whom to appoint, and that the incoming principal will be a blessing to the college. The board has also requested the principal to stay on to teach several pastoral courses for another one to two years, which will be very good if he agrees. Anyway hopefully we will know for sure what is happening in three months’ time.

The annual Graduate Enrichment Seminar will be held next Wednesday to Friday. We don’t know how many past graduates will be coming, but early indications are that many will come. We will set up a bookstall to sell some of the withdrawn old/damaged library books, and some of the newer materials that we are selling to raise funds for TCCA. We are looking forward to meeting some old friends whom we have not seen for a while.

Someone from Australia will be passing through Ndola in ten days’ time. He is an IT specialist, so SIM Zambia has arranged for him to stop by for a day or two to look at our systems and web page and see what he can do to help. Another couple, the husband also an IT expert, will be coming to Luanshya, a town very close to Ndola for three months in August. He will also come to Ndola to help. So we are very thankful for all this assistance. Please also continue to pray for new teaching staff. We will have a new fulltime lecturer in July. He is a TCCA graduate and just finished his masters in Kenya. He will be supported by the Brethren in Christ Church. The Canadian family which we mentioned last year is still trying to raise enough support to come. We hope they will be able to come here before the end of the year. Please pray for new students as well. Not many people have applied so far and we need at least ten new students to replace those who are graduating.

The Chinese group which we mentioned from time to time will be coming again probably in July for three months. They are mostly people from Hong Kong who have migrated to Canada a number of years ago. This group has already sponsored a basic school in a rural community at the outskirts of Ndola. Some of them are in South Africa and Botswana. About seven of them will be coming and we have helped them to find some accommodation quite close to our home. We are not too sure about their programmes yet, but they are fine Christians with a sacrificial heart and we admire a lot of their simple lifestyle and eagerness to share the gospel with others. It will be good to be able to meet up with them again. With Christian love.

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