Newsletter (March 3, 2011)

Dear all, We were shocked to hear of the big earthquake in Christchurch. We first got the news from SIM NZ and they asked us to pray for the people. We were concerned about our friends there and relieved to hear all of them are fine, except for one Chinese girl from whom we haven’t heard back. We were please to know the Braams and the Watsons are fine. In the past few days we have been reading all the news and photos about the earthquakes. We could see the devastations and imagine how this would affect everyone there, but we could not realise how bad the situation was unless we were there. We feel very sad to read so many stories about people grieving about their loved ones who died, but also encouraged by the positive attitudes of so many people. We just pray that our Lord will be with His people in these difficult times, and people will be drawn to Him in this hour, and be comforted.

There have been lots of protests and demonstrations in the Middle East and North Africa recently. Some people have asked if we are ok. We are fine in Zambia which is basically a very peaceful country. However, presidential and parliamentary elections will be held in November this year and there may be troubles before and after that. Please pray that we will have a fair and peaceful election, and there will be no unrest during that time.

We both had another bout of malaria two weeks ago, the first time in this new term though. At this time of the year there are lots of mosquitoes around especially in TCCA. The antimalarial tablets that we are taking can not prevent malaria 100 percent, but at least it is not as bad as before. We are still feeling tired with headaches. Timothy’s blood pressure has been a bit high recently. His blood pressure was kept under control for the past three years but recently it became higher, especially the lower reading. Since we are going to Hong Kong very soon, we hope his blood pressure will be better after taking a few weeks’ rest. Please remember our health in your prayers. With Christian love.

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