Newsletter (December 16, 2010)

Dear all, Sorry we forgot to write our newsletter to you last week. We have been really busy recently and so many things just escape from our mind.

We had our graduation in the first week of December. We have nine graduates, four from the diploma programme and five from the degree programme. Most of the graduates have already left. Some of them will return to teaching, some will become pastors in their denomination and some are still looking for jobs or waiting for calls from churches. For whatever reason this year’s atmosphere was not as good as last year’s. The graduation service was held at the Anglican cathedral and there were not as many guests as last year as well. The dance when the graduates entered the cathedral was particularly good this year though.

People here tend to do things in the last minute. So Zara is very busy processing new student applications and arranging interviews for some of them. Timothy is also very busy in the library and he has to go back to work in most evenings and on Saturdays as well.

Since our last newsletter, rain has finally come in earnest and we have had some very heavy rain and thunderstorms in recent days. We are very thankful that, compared with last year, there are not a lot of faults due to such thunderstorms, although we do have some computers and equipment damaged by them. We need to have a UPS (uninterruptible power source) put in place to prevent such power surges, otherwise we will have more problems later on. With the rain, the problem of low water level in the bore hole has gone and we have plenty of water now.

We do have some discouraging things happening around us, and sometimes because of the busy work schedule, we can be quite stressed. Please pray for us so that we will find grace and comfort from our Lord, and that we may experience his love and find joy and peace in Him. With Christian love.

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