Newsletter (September 30, 2010)

Dear all, We were sad to hear that Rev Mark Wheat has declined our call. The church, especially the session, must be feeling discouraged to hear the news. We don’t know what will lie ahead, but we trust that our Lord is taking care of us and in due course, hopefully very soon, we will be able to find a pastor to minister in our midst.

Timothy is very busy inputting data into the new library system. The library has to input everything from scratch, as the old system is too obsolete to allow any migration of data to take place. Even if data could be migrated, we would have to spend a lot of time cleaning up and upgrading the records to modern standards and it may take more time than starting everything from scratch. The job sounds very daunting but with the advance in technology, it is now very easy to get bibliographic data through the Internet or from the library software developer, and import it into the new library system. Having said that, he reckons it will take possibly 18 months to complete the whole project.

Zara conducted several interviews for prospective students recently. Most of them were accepted provisionally pending the securing of enough funds to come to study. It is not easy for them to find enough support, so some of them will not be able to attend. There are not many new applications so it is quite worrying that we may not be able to get many new students next year. Please continue to pray for new students coming to study in TCCA.

Timothy got quite a lot of good Christian books from the Regent Book Sale in May. We shipped them back and they arrived recently. The postage is about 10 times the cost of the books! We managed to sell them recently and give the money to TCCA. Together with this lot of books we also managed to sell many books and Bibles this week. All of this is part of the fundraising for the new building project for TCCA and we praise the Lord for His provision. Somehow word has spread and people now know the Woos at TCCA have quality books and Bibles for sale at a very reasonable price. With Christian love.

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