Newsletter (Mar 18, 2010)

Dear all, There has not been much news for the past two weeks, except that Timothy has injured his toe badly.  He was trying to lift a computer and take it to his office but did not realise the bottom of the box containing the computer was not sealed.  The computer dropped out from the box and hit his big toe hard.  It was very painful and the toe looks awful.  It has improved now after a slight infection and no longer feels painful.  He has had an xray taken and the bones are fine.  The doctors said his toe nail will eventually come off and a new one will grow to replace it.  So it seems that he will have a lengthy recovery process.  Please pray that his toe will have no further infection and that it will soon be completely healed.

The library project has made some progress.  The library software with some accessories are still held up by customs in Lusaka.  However our deacon, Peter, from church is helping us to coordinate the laying of the network.  We will be able to do the job at a much cheaper price.  We thank the Lord for sending Peter to help us.

We had an SIM missionary staying with us for the past two nights.  She was from the US and is at present teaching in Nairobi, Kenya.  She came to attend an ACTEA meeting.  ACTEA stands for Accrediting Council for Theological Education in Africa.  The mission of ACTEA is to promote quality evangelical theological education in Africa, by providing supporting services, facilitating academic recognition, and fostering continental and intercontinental cooperation.  There are about 15 institutions in various parts of Africa whose programmes are accredited by ACTEA.  At the moment two institutions in Zambia are accredited by ACTEA: TCCA and Justo Mwale Theological University College in Lusaka, the training college of the Reformed Church of Zambia.  When we were having dinner one evening, Timothy suggested to our guest something which ACTEA could do to help its institutions and she thought it was a good idea.  She brought it up in the meeting and it seems now Timothy will be asked to coordinate it.  We will tell you more about this when we have more details but we think Timothy will have more things to do when we return to Zambia in August.  With Christian love.

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