Newsletter (February 4, 2010)

Dear all, Timothy has made some progress on the library project.  Quotations have been called for the supply of computers, including a server, and networking of the whole college.  Our director in Lusaka has given us a lot of help in this and got most of the quotes that we need for us.  We have also paid for the library software so, if things go well, we will start getting new equipment very soon.  The most urgent needs at the moment is the installation of a computer network at TCCA.  When this is done the system can be up and running.  So please pray that this can done quickly.

There has also been some progress made on the building project.  We are laying the concrete floor at the moment and, when it is finished, we will start bricklaying next week and by then we will finally see something going up.

The saga with the neighbour dog is continuing.  We notice the dog is still jumping into our property at night (always at one something) and since the earth is very soft because of the rain, he can easily dig a hole under the fence and go out to the street.  Timothy blocks one hole and then he will dig another one.  We talked to the neighbour but they don’t do enough to stop him coming.  We strengthened part of the fence and he would dig some new holes at the older part.  He also barks and so wakes us up.  Finally last Saturday Timothy went to the neighbour again and this time they asked him to show them exactly where  he jumped over and they put up a board to block it.  Finally we thought the dog would not be able to come but we are not very sure now as it seems that he has now found a way to get out and has tried to dig his way in.

The other day the administrator of Mukinge Hospital passed through and we chatted about a number of things.  One thing she mentioned was that the Government has not sent them any grant for three months.  That happened not only to them but to other hospitals as well (both  government and mission hospitals).  So all of them are under extreme pressure as they have no money to buy medicines and other provisions.  Mukinge Hospital is not as badly affected because they could use some project money to get some provisions, but not all, and they are struggling.  They are also in great need of doctors, nurses and other health workers.  So please remember them in your prayers.  With Christian love.

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