Newsletter (November 12, 2009)

Dear all, We have had a very busy and eventful two weeks.

We got big and exciting news from SIM International.  An anonymous donor has donated US$25,000 to the TCCA Library Upgrade Project and with the US$8,600 already donated to us by SIM Canada, we now have sufficient funding for the project to start.  Please pray that Timothy will have the wisdom to select a good system for the College.  He is going to be very busy once the system is installed, and we hope everything will be finalised in the next six months.  He will visit an international school in Lusaka next week as they are using one of the systems short-listed.

A young Chinese medical couple from New Zealand, whom we know since their varsity days in Dunedin, went to Ghana for two months for some medical voluntary work.  They would like to have some first-hand Africa experience and explore the possibilities of coming to Africa as medical missionaries at a later stage.  They came to visit and stayed with us for a few days last week, before they went back home.  It was most encouraging indeed to see them making a special effort to come to Ndola from Ghana.  Travelling within Africa is expensive and we would feel really bad if they spent so much money and found that the trip was not worthwhile to make.  In the end things seemed to work out really well.  We were greatly encouraged by their visit as we could share our work and our needs with a like-minded brother and sister in Christ.  They also shared with us their experience in Ghana and it seems that the prosperity gospel has had a widespread influence there.  It was a relief for them to attend our church as we do preach a Biblical gospel here.

We also had a meal with several Chinese doctors one evening and our friends prompted them and they said they were willing to know more about the Bible.  It was indeed a breakthrough so we were very excited and gave them each a bilingual Gospel of John.  We hope to start some discussions with them this weekend.  Please pray for wisdom as we interact with these Chinese doctors and also pray for our friends as they go back and seek God’s calling in their lives.

We are starting to have some rain now but we need much more.  Our water problem was miraculously resolved just before our friends arrived.  We still don’t know why suddenly the borehole has sufficient water again, but since then we do not have any problem at all.  Praise the Lord!

We also had two groups of SIM missionaries travelling through Ndola in the past two weeks.  It was very good to catch up with each other and have fellowship while we shared our meal together at our place.

Last Saturday was the annual women’s rally of the denomination in Copperbelt, somewhat like the annual women’s presbyterial in New Zealand.  It was our church’s turn to host the event this year.  We had very good attendance, about 150, including several coming as far as Lusaka, out of our region.  The programmes were so packed that we had to cut out some items but still it overran by more than two hours.  We mainly had four speakers and there was so much to learn from them that all the ladies enjoyed themselves tremendously.  Ladies from our church had a hectic time preparing and serving food and all of us were exhausted at the end of the day but were very pleased with the Lord’s blessings.

Zara is very busy working at the registry.  Many letters need to be sent out and interviews arranged and conducted.  Please pray for wisdom as many new things have to be learnt.  Please also continue to pray for new students next year.  Pray that they will be able to find sufficient sponsorship so that they may be able to come next year.

Electrical appliances here are not very long lasting.  Perhaps the unstable current is a major factor.  Some light bulbs are of very poor quality and we keep on changing them.  Even the energy saving bulb has a very short life.  Somehow we found that the energy saving bulb is not as bright as what it should be.  Even the electric sockets are not too good; two or three of them have melted.  Since we came we have to replace our telephone, kettle, rice cooker, computer and vacuum flask.

Our principal’s home was broken into several weeks ago while they were at church.  They lost quite a number of things, including his notebook [computer] he happened to bring home on which he keeps everything.  His notes over the years, documents, email, etc. were all lost.  Some of them were not backed up.  Many of us would be terribly upset in incurring such a loss but he has some special strength from the Lord and he could face the loss with a calmness that is an example to all of us.  The police office was only five minutes’ walk from their place but it took them many days to come, driven there by our principal’s wife and staying around for only five minutes or so.  As a matter of fact, Sunday morning is a very busy time for thieves as many people go to church and many houses are vacant during that time.  So please also pray for safety and security of our house.  With Christian love.

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