Here is a list of sermons preached in our church in 2019. You can download the sermon by clicking on the title.

27 January 2019(PM)Rev Erik StolteNo Other GodsMar 10:17–27
HC LD 34
Ex 20:3
27 January 2019(AM)Rev Erik StolteGod is on Our SideRom 8:31–38Ps 124
20 January 2019(PM)Rev Erik StolteHow I Love Your Law!Ps 119:97–104
Mat 5:17–20
HC LD 33
Psa 119:97
20 January 2019(AM)Rev Erik StolteChrist’s Mercy Ministry
Joh 10:1–18Acts 6:1–7
13 January 2019(AM)Rev Erik StolteThe Road South, then North
Mat 16:24–28Mat 2:13–23
6 January 2019(PM)Mr Rick Geerlofs
(Rev J A Haverland
I Am the Good Shepherd
Ps 2
Is 53
Joh 10:11–42
Jo 10:11–18
6 January 2019(AM)Mr Bruce Duthie
(Rev M A Flinn)
“Salvation Seen”
Luke 2:21–38Luke 2:30

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