Here is a list of sermons preached in our church in 2020. You can download the sermon by clicking on the title.

2 February 2020(PM)Mr John D van Dyk
(Rev John de Pater, CRCNA)
The Master-Builder of the ChurchRev 21:9–27

Isa 54:11–13
2 February 2020(AM)Mr Peter Schinkelshoek
(Rev Wes Bredenhof, CanRC)
The Word of God Leads from Death and Slavery to Life and FreedomLuk 4:16–30

2 Kin 4:1–7
26 January 2020(PM)Rev Jason PickardWho Do You Trust?Deu 9:1–12
Luk 18:9–14
26 January 2020(AM)Rev Jason PickardA Quiet RepentanceMat 3
Isa 30:1–22
19 January 2020(PM)Rev Jason PickardConform or Be TransformedPsa 51

Rom 12:1–8
19 January 2020(AM)Rev Jason PickardHome By Another Way

Mat 2:1–12
12 January 2020(PM)Rev Erik StolteGod’s Dwelling Amongst His People1 Chr 13:1–4; 15:1–3; 15:25–16:3

Psa 132
12 January 2020(AM)Rev Erik StolteThe Affliction of ZionJoh 12:20–36

Psa 129
5 January 2020(PM)Rev Erik StolteThe Chief End of Man Is to …
Enjoy Him Forever
Psa 16

Psa 16:11
5 January 2020(AM)Rev Erik StolteThe Chief End of Man Is to
Glorify God …
Col 3:12–17

Rev 4:11

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