Here is a list of sermons preached in our church in 2021. You can download the sermon by clicking on the title.

18 July 2021(PM)Rev Erik StolteWhat Happens When We Die?Gen 2:7-9,15-17;
WCF 32
2 Cor 5:1-10Youtube
18 July 2021(AM)Rev Erik StoltePaul's Ministry in Jerusalem1 Cor 9:19-27Acts 21:17-36Youtube
11 July 2021(PM)Mr Bruce Duthie
(Rev M A Flinn)
No Other GospelGjal 1:1-10;
BC 7
Gal 1:8Youtube
11 July 2021(AM)Mr John van Dyk
(Rev C Niewenhuis)
The Beauty of Christian WorshipPsa 84Psa 84:1-2Youtube
4 July 2021(PM)Rev Erik StoltePresbyteries and SynodsActs 15:1–11, 22–23, 30–33WCF 31
4 July 2021(AM)Rev Erik StoltePaul’s Itinerary En Route to JerusalemMat 16:13-23Acts 21:1–16
27 June 2021(PM)Rev Erik StolteChurch DisciplineMat 18:1-20; WCF 30Youtube
27 June 2021(AM)Rev Erik StoltePaul’s Charge to the Ephesian EldersJohn 10:11–18Acts 20:17–38Youtube
20 June 2021(PM)Rev Erik StolteCovenant BaptismActs 2:29–41;
WCF 28:1,6
Acts 2:39Youtube
20 June 2021(AM)Rev Erik StolteThe Ephesian PentecostActs 2:1–13Acts 19:1–7Youtube
13 June 2021(PM)Rev Erik StolteRevival in EphesusActs 19:8-41Youtube
13 June 2021(AM)Rev Erik StolteThe Banquet of the New CovenantWCF 29:1,7 1 Cor 10:14-22; 11:23-34Youtube
6 June 2021(PM)Rev Erik StolteCovenant BaptismActs 2:29–41;
WCF 28:1,6
Acts 2:39Youtube
6 June 2021(AM)Rev Erik StolteThe Ephesian PentecostActs 2:1–13Acts 19:1–7Youtube
30 May 2021(PM)Rev Erik StolteThe SacramentsJohn 6:60-71John 6:63Youtube
30 May 2021(AM)Rev Erik StolteChrist's Care through DeaconsJohn 13:1-20Acts 6:1-7Youtube
23 May 2021(PM)Rev Sjirk BajemaHow God Rules the ChurchMat 18:10-20;
1 Cor 5:1-13
WCF 30Youtube
23 May 2021(AM)Rev Sjirk BajemaThe Lord at WorkJohn 16:4-15;
Acts 2:1-13
Acts 2:4Youtube
16 May 2021(PM)Rev Erik StolteOur Great High PriestHeb 8:1-8; 9:23-26Heb 4:14-16Youtube
16 May 2021(AM)Rev Erik StolteStrengthening the Church1 Cor 3:1-15Acts 18:18-28Youtube
13 May 2021(AS)Rev Erik StolteOur King LaughsPsa 2Youtube
9 May 2021(PM)Rev Erik StolteBlessed Be the Tie that BindsWCF 26John 15:1-5;
1 Cor 12:12-31
9 May 2021(AM)Rev Erik StolteDo not Fear!1 Cor 2:1-6; 3:10-15Acts 18:1-17Youtube
2 May 2021(PM)Rev Nigel CunninghamWho Should Come?1 Cor 11:28-32LD 30: Q&A 81Youtube
2 May 2021(AM)Rev Nigel CunninghamThe Song of the RedeemedRev 7:9-17Rev 14:1-5Youtube
25 April 2021(PM)Rev Erik StolteThe Church of Jesus ChristRev 21:9–27;
WCF 25:1–5
Mat 16:13–20Youtube
25 April 2021(AM)Rev Erik StoltePaul Amongst the IntellectualsRom 1:18-23Acts 17:16–34Youtube
18 April 2021(PM)Rev Sjirk BajemaThe Game You Have to Win!Mat 6:1-18;
Pro 23:29–35;
1 Cor 9:19–27
1 Cor 9:24–27Youtube
18 April 2021(AM)Rev Erik StolteThe Word Transforms1 Thes 2:17–3:13Acts 17:1–15Youtube
11 April 2021(PM)Rev Erik StolteGod’s Institution of MarriageMat 19:1-9Gen 2:18-25;
WCF 24:1-3, 6
11 April 2021(AM)Rev Erik StolteSurprising ConversionsActs 16:11-40Youtube
4 April 2021(PM)Rev Erik StolteKeep WatchActs 20:24-35;
1 Tim 4:6-16
1 Tim 4:16Youtube
4 April 2021(AM)Rev Erik StolteDoubting the ResurrectionJohn 20:1-23John 20:24-31Youtube
2 April 2021(GF)Rev Erik StolteForsaken by GodMat 27:46Youtube
28 March 2021(PM)Rev Sjirk BajemaThe Call to All1 Cor 1:18-31
Pro 1:1-33
Pro 1:20-33Youtube
28 March 2021(AM)Mr John van Dyk
(Rev D Waldron)
The Rescued Rightly RejoiceMat 21:1-11Zec 9:9-13Youtube
21 March 2021(PM)Rev Erik StolteOf Oaths and VowsMark 12:13-17;
WCF 23:1,2,4
Rom 13:1-7Youtube
21 March 2021(AM)Rev Erik StolteSharp DisagreementsActs 15:36-16:10Youtube
14 March 2021(PM)Mr Bruce Duthie
(Rev M A Flinn)
But Which Book?Mat 5:17-20;
B.C 4-6
Deut 13:1-5Youtube
14 March 2021(AM)Rev Erik StolteThe Jerusalem Council Agrees on the GospelActs 15:1-3Youtube
7 March 2021(PM)Rev Erik StolteOf Oaths and VowsMat 23:13-24;
WCF 22:1-3, 5
Mat 5:33-37Youtube
7 March 2021(AM)Rev Erik StolteNo Cross, No CrownActs 14Youtube
28 February 2021(PM)Mr Rick Geerlofs
(Rev J A Haverland)
God's Covenant WordDeut 27:1-15, 28:1-6; Mat 7:21-29Jos 8:30-35Youtube
28 February 2021(AM)Rev Erik StolteThe Gospel for Church PeopleActs 13:13-52Youtube
21 February 2021(PM)Rev Erik StolteThe Question of the SabbathWCF 21:7,8
Heb 4:1-13
Mark 2:23-3:6Youtube
21 February 2021(AM)Rev Erik StolteChrist's Mission Continues on with PowerActs 1:1-11Acts 13:1-12Youtube
14 February 2021(PM)Rev Erik StolteThe Practice of Worship2 Tim 3:10-17
WCF 21:1,3,5
John 4:16-26Youtube
14 February 2021(AM)Rev Erik StolteGive Thanks: The PracticeDeut 81 Thes 5:18Youtube
7 February 2021(PM)Rev Erik StolteWorship WarsExo 19:1-3, 10-20; 20:18-21
WCF 21:1,2
Heb 12:18-24Youtube
7 February 2021(AM)Rev Erik StolteGive Thanks: Giving thanks in all circumstancesRom 8:28-39
Phil 4:4-20
1 Thes 5:18Youtube
31 January 2021(PM)Rev. Geoff MacphersonLet God Invade Your Privacy: how God knows us intimately and we can know him in ChristJoh 10:1-18Psa 139Youtube
31 January 2021(AM)Rev Erik StolteGive Thanks: the foundation of thanksgivingRom 1: 18-23;
Luk 17:11-19
1 Thes 5:18Youtube
24 January 2021(PM)Mr Bruce Duthie
(Rev M A Flinn)
People of the BookJos 1:1-9
2 Pet 1:12-21
BC Art. 3Youtube
24 January 2021(AM)Rev Erik StolteJesus' Glorious KingdomPsa 72Youtube
17 January 2021(PM)Rev Jason PickardLiving on a PrayerGen 18:22-33
BC Art. 26

Heb 7:11-28Youtube
17 January 2021(AM)Rev Jason PickardThe Lord is My ShepherdLuk 15:1-7

Psa 23Youtube
10 January 2021(PM)Mr John van Dyk
(Rev D A Waldron)
The Holy Catholic Christian Church1 Kin 19:9-18
BC Art. 27
Mat 16:13-20
Mat 16:18Youtube
10 January 2021(AM)Mr Bruce Duthie
(Rev M A Flinn)
The Most Excellent Way1 Cor 12:27-14:1

1 Cor 13:1-7Youtube
3 January 2021(PM)Rev Jason PickardThe Character of God's GuidancePsalm 25Youtube
3 January 2021(AM)Rev Jason PickardThe Ultimate Update2 Cor 3

Jer 31:31-38Youtube

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