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The Origin and Purpose of Man The Known God The First Man Our Purpose

Work and Rest

April 26, 2015
Work and Rest The 4th Commandment The Creative Work of God The Re-creative Work of God
Fruits of Gratitude The Vine The Vinedresser The Branches
The Origin of the Universe Exercising Faith Understanding the Process Seeing the Importance
The Encouraging Mystery of Permanent Change The Perishable The Change The Imperishable
The Resurrection – worth getting up for? We can trust the ancient records The resurrection does affect you Getting up for Jesus is worth everything
Right with God – only by true faith The Heart Believes The Mouth Confesses The Life Confirms

A Holy Child

March 29, 2015
A Holy Child The Child of a sanctified marriage The Child who is clean The Child who belongs in the church
Joy – is it your experience? Experiencing Righteousness Experiencing Peace Experiencing Joy
Have you seen Jesus? Called to Worship Called to Persevere Called to Action
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