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Look up again, the Chariots are coming! The message then The message now
Returning to Compassion The Strange Scene An Unexpected Question The Comforting Reply N.B. Background static
Union in Christ Joining the physical with the spiritual Joining the Christian to Christ Joining the Christian to the Church N.B. Background static

The Two ‘Adams’

June 21, 2015
The Two ‘Adams’ Their Origins Their Lives and Deaths Their importance for us all

Gender Distinction

June 14, 2015
Gender Distinction Understanding our differences Accepting our differences Representing our differences

Gender Equality

June 14, 2015
Gender Equality The Head The Body The Struggle
The Repentant Cleansed The grief The fountain The Christ
Scattered Seed - Abundant Harvest The Seed The Sower The Soils

Why Was I Baptised?

May 24, 2015
Why Was I Baptised? Because of what the Lord our God has done for us Because of what the Lord our God has said to us Because of the relationship…
Receiving the Holy Spirit Eyes to see Ears to hear A heart to conceive
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