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Moses completes his service The parting blessings of Moses The death and burial of Moses The epitaph of Moses and of Christ N.B. Livestream was from pastor's home during lockdown,…
A memorable gospel song Worship the Rock Be humbled by the Rock Be thankful to the Rock Rejoice with the Rock This sermon was recorded from a livestream. Sound quality…

Finding your way forward

August 15, 2021
Finding your way forward The pathway of commitment The pathway of communication The pathway of certainty
Change, difficulty, strength, and courage for the way ahead A change in leadership A revelation of the future A call to strength and courage
One baptism for the remission of sins Baptism – a work of regeneration? Baptism – a sign of Christ’s completed work
What will you choose today? A possibly harmful future The promise of restoration Death or life? Your choice
Sticks, carrots and Christ The curses on Mount Ebal The blessings on Mount Gerizim The curse removed by Christ

The Reality of Enmity

July 25, 2021
The Reality of Enmity The Seeds exposed The depths of enmity A challenge to enmity Result of enmity Enmity Judged
Giving in thankful worship to the Lord Yielding up firstfruits Yielding up tithes Yielding up obedience
The Nicene Creed (part 2) The Holy Spirit The Church