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Kiss the Son!

June 28, 2020
Kiss the Son! Theme: The Son Requires Our Worship We recognize the Battle God laughs We proclaim the Son We trust in the Son
The Spirit-filled wife The wise church submits to Christ The wise wife submits to her husband
Submitting to the will of God The test of desire The human will The divine will
The marriage made in heaven A supper for the secured A supper for the prepared A supper for the invited
The Spirit-filled life Spirit-filled saints sing from their heart Spirit-filled saints give thanks for everything Spirit-filled saints submit to one another
Your Kingdom Come Sowing Growing Reaping
Children of Light The old conduct The new conduct
The Majestic Holiness of God God’s supreme perfection God’s essential holiness God’s moral excellence

A joyful return

May 31, 2020
A joyful return The return of the ransomed The joy of Jerusalem
Our Father in Heaven God the Father God in Heaven Christ the Saviour Recorded from livestream. There may be brief gaps in sound.