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God’s Joyful Restoration

November 3, 2019
God’s Joyful Restoration Past Joys Present Difficulties Future blessings

The King of Glory

November 3, 2019
The King of Glory  The universal king The fellowshipping king The victorious king

A Gospel Greeting

October 27, 2019
A Gospel Greeting A new man on a mission A new people set apart A new work of God in Christ
Life in Christ is Fruitful Saved for good works Assured by good works Testifying through good works

Proclaiming Christ together

October 20, 2019
Proclaiming Christ together Declaring the Lord’s death Declaring the new covenant Declaring our hope in Christ’s return
The Master’s Keys Christ’s effective word of invitation Christ’s effective word of warning
The promise of abundant life Judgment and Death Grace and Life Promise and Fulfillment

A vision of restored worship A new altar A new priesthood A new kingdom

Prayer for safe keeping

September 22, 2019
Prayer for safe keeping Who does Jesus pray for? Why does Jesus pray for the disciples? What does Jesus pray for?