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The Spirit-filled worker Slavery in Scripture Spirit-filled slaves at work Spirit-filled masters at work
God’s worship Guide The substance of the command The logic of the command The reason for the command

Do You Know You Know Him?

August 2, 2020
Do You Know You Know Him? Those who obey God’s commandments truly know God God’s love is mature in those who continue obeying God’s word Those who live as Jesus…
Closing in prayer The eternal kingdom of God The eternal power of God The eternal glory of God
The Spirit-filled family Children and their parents Fathers and their children
The grace of letting it go An impossible burden of debt The generous grace of the King The corresponding grace of His servants
The Mystical Union The union of Christ and His church The union of a husband and his wife
There’s more to life than food Trusting the Lord for our physical needs Trusting the Lord for our spiritual needs
The Spirit-filled husband Christ, the Head, loves His body, the church The wise husband loves his wife, as himself


July 5, 2020
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