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The Shepherd King

September 20, 2020
The Shepherd King A psalm of praise for salvation A psalm of praise for provision A psalm of praise for protection

Faith Alone!!??

September 13, 2020
Faith Alone!!??  
Church Membership Is it really our duty to join a local church? Is it really necessary for us to submit to instruction and discipline? Is it really our calling to…
Trust the Mighty Lord A psalm about God’s reign A psalm about God’s power A psalm about trust in Christ
The Holy Catholic Christian Church The confession of the church The catholicity of the church The holiness of the church

Pentecost Means Christ!

August 23, 2020
Pentecost Means Christ! Theme: The Spirit's Coming shows us OUR need for Christ Pentecost shows us: 1. We are in End Times 2. God's work through Christ 3. Our need…
Prayer warriors stand firm The whole armour of God Alert persistent prayer The Lord blesses His warriors
Joyful praise in the Lord A psalm of the Sons of Korah A psalm of joy in the Lord’s victory A psalm of praise for Christ’s rule
The call to stand strong The enemy The struggle The victory
The perfectly glorious voice of the King This is a psalm about Divine rule This is a psalm about God’s Word This is a psalm about Christ
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