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Forever established, forever remembered The Lord’s Word is fixed forever The Lord’s child is saved forever
Stand strong taking up the sword of the Spirit The Word The Spirit The Sword
Hope when you are at your limit Persecution to the limit of endurance Suffering at the limit of endurance Hope at the limit of endurance
Stand strong taking up the helmet of salvation Salvation – a gift received in stages Salvation – protection for the mind Salvation – putting on your thinking cap

Looking forward to 2021

December 27, 2020
Looking forward to 2021 Theme: We can look forward to 2021 reassured of our Father's love for us God is working for our good (28-30) No one can defeat us…

Reflecting on Life and Hope

December 27, 2020
Reflecting on Life and Hope This life is brief This life is uncertain This life is hopeful in Christ
Stand strong with the shield of faith Your attacker His weapons Your protection
The fullness of God in Christ God’s whole fullness in Christ God’s residence in a body
Stand strong in gospel shoes Shoes for your feet Peace for your soul Stability for the battle
The ‘downsizing’ of Christ The self-emptying of Jesus The slavery of Jesus The birth of Jesus
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