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The cup of blessing that we bless The cup The blessing The thanksgiving
A message of hope from sticks and bones The dead are made alive The separated are joined together
The gospel made visible Seeing the mighty works of God Seeing the danger of idolatry Seeing the certainty of salvation
The Lord promises to restore A new government A new home A new person
Christ’s obedience, not ours, justifies God’s standard is absolute perfection Our obedience is always imperfect Only Christ’s perfect work justifies
When your world comes crashing down God’s word and workman confirmed God’s covenant people respond wrongly God’s gracious call for the life-giving response
Justification – the greatest gift ever given Peace with God  Standing before God  Glory like God  Suffering like Christ
A false friend falls A proud nation A treacherous nation A broken nation

Powerful grace

July 21, 2019
Powerful grace Dependent of grace Healed by grace Walking in grace

Thinking outside the box

July 14, 2019
Thinking outside the box Theme: God works in his own ways God cannot be manipulated God's Word is true God's Glory remains!
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