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The assurance of salvation – observed by self-examination The security of election The observation of inner self The value of assurance
Show hospitality to one another Loving strangers Grumbling Showing hospitality
God’s eternal decree of unconditional election Chosen by God in Christ Predestined through Christ Graciously blessed in Christ
Bear with and forgive one another The tender heart of Christ Bearing with one another Forgiving one another
The Canons of Dort – a gospel tract Good news – everyone needs it Good news – God sent His Son Good news – your decision to receive or reject…
Submit to one another Being filled with the Spirit Submitting to one another Worshipping Christ as Lord

Accept one another

September 26, 2021
Accept one another The acceptance of differences The acceptance of Christ The acceptance of one another

Encourage one another

September 19, 2021
Encourage one another Encouragement by church leaders Encouragement for one another
Be kind to one another Put off unkindness Put on kindness Remember Jesus Audio recorded from livestream from pastor's home during lockdown - quality reduced.
True love is single-minded Double-minded disloyalty Single-minded loyalty Service live streamed from home during lockdown. Audio recorded from livestream - quality not as good as normal.
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