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Is there really only one Saviour? There is no other Name given; Only Jesus Christ has overcome death; and Only Jesus Christ has dealt with sin

The Promise of the Future

February 10, 2019
The Promise of the Future We serve a covenant-keeping God who abides with us (v) 5 We serve a covenant-keeping God who promises better things (v6-9) We serve a covenant-keeping…
God’s sovereignty & man’s responsibility God rules the world according to his will; Men & women act in the world according to their wills; God rules the world as a…

Consider your Ways

February 3, 2019
Consider your Ways There is a lion in the street! (v2-4) Are all these things added to us – and if not, why? (vv5-7, 9-11) Go up … & rebuild…
The Wonderful Widespread Word Ministry Who are the prophets? What is their message? How might it sound?

Me Too!

January 13, 2019
Me Too! Personal gospel knowledge Personal gospel conviction Personal gospel assurance
The Big Story of the Bible Understanding the Bible Putting the pieces together Telling the story about Jesus

Being wise with time

December 30, 2018
Being wise with time An Infinite Number A Small Number Working it Out
Praise God for the birth of His Son God visits His people God remembers His promises God continues to fulfil His purposes
Supernatural births for all of God’s children The Spirit gives life to Jesus the man The Spirit gives life to everyone in God’s Kingdom The Spirit inclines people toward all…
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