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Honouring God’s Name God’s name is great and holy God’s name is borne by His people God’s name is defiled by sin God’s name is restored in Christ

A birthright by grace

December 8, 2019
A birthright by grace A purposeful inheritance A joint inheritance An authentic inheritance A guaranteed inheritance
Worship in Spirit and in Truth Unregulated Worship Regulated Worship

Restoration in Christ

December 1, 2019
Restoration in Christ The rich grace of redemption The rich grace of forgiveness The rich grace of being united
Trust in God alone The curse of not trusting the Lord The blessing of trusting the Lord
The glorious grace of adoption in Christ Adopted by God’s prior choice in Christ Adopted to bring praise to God in Christ Adopted to receive blessings in Christ
Turning Around The dying away of the old self The coming to life of the new self
Praise the Lord who elects to save God’s blessed choice in Christ God’s prior purpose in Christ

God’s Joyful Restoration

November 3, 2019
God’s Joyful Restoration Past Joys Present Difficulties Future blessings

The King of Glory

November 3, 2019
The King of Glory  The universal king The fellowshipping king The victorious king
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