The Lord's Supper

A careful examination of the Gospel accounts of the institution of the Lord's Supper (see Matthew 26:17-30, Mark 14:12-26, Luke 22:7-23) shows that it was first celebrated around the time of the Passover meal. It is against the background of the Passover that Jesus received a special title (see Revelation 5:6,8,12,13; 7:14; 12:11). The 'elements' are the bread and the wine (cup) which point to or represent the body and blood of the crucified and risen Lord Jesus. Many Christians have also seen great significance in the actions that commonly take place in the celebration of the Lord's Supper. The stress here is on the breaking of the bread which symbolises the breaking of Christ's body and the pouring out of the wine which symbolises the pouring out of Christ's blood for the sin of the world (see I Corinthians 11:24).

We believe that Christ has a real spiritual presence in the Lord's Supper. Unlike some churches, we believe the Bible teaches that Christ is really and truly present at the Lord's Supper but in a spiritual sense. That real presence makes the celebration very special and a special means or channel which God uses to communicate the blessings and grace of Christ into the lives of believers. It is a special 'means of grace' which serves as a sign and seal (guarantee) of God's love to all who receive it in true faith.

That understanding, along with the warning in I Corinthians 11:27-29, leads us to require that all who participate in the Lord's Supper be professing members of Christ's Church. This means that if you are a Christian and a member in good standing of a sister church or another protestant denomination, then we welcome you to participate in the Lord's Supper with us. However, we would ask that you speak to one of the elders before the service.

To find out more about the Lord's Supper or Baptism, please contact our Pastor. His contact info is on the Contact Us page.




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