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We believe that it is very important for our spiritual growth to continually be reading and listening to godly books and sermons. Therefore, we have compiled the list of links on the left to help you find useful materials for spiritual growth online.

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2018-10-07pmPastor Ryan Sparks
Conversations With My Captor
2018-09-30amReuben de Vos
The Church Encouraged in Tribulation
2018-08-26pmPastor Ryan Sparks
Blessed Are The Pure In Heart...
2018-08-26amPastor Ryan Sparks
The Ministry of Encouragement
2018-07-12amPastor Ryan Sparks
The Offence Of The Gospel
2018-08-05pmPastor Michael Drake
The Glory of God Revealed in 'God With Us'
2018-08-05amPastor Ryan Sparks
The Prevailing Power of the Word
2018-07-29pmPastor John Haverland
Preaching People To Christ
2018-07-29amPastor Ryan Sparks
Lessons in Discipleship
2018-07-22pmGerald Strayton
Experiencing the Presence of God!
2018-07-08amPastor Ryan Sparks
Life In The Kingdom of Heaven
2018-07-01pmPastor Andre Holtslag
Helper of the Helpless
2018-07-01amPastor Ryan Sparks
Is Hell For Real?
2018-06-24amPastor Ryan Sparks
What Shall We Do With Suffering?
2018-06-17amPastor Ryan Sparks
Gendered Worship
2018-06-03pmPastor Graeme Zuidema
Why We Can Be Strong and Courageous
2018-06-03amPastor Ryan Sparks
Sexual Purity, Are You Serious?
2018-05-27pmPastor Ryan Sparks
A New Way of Life
2018-05-27amPastor Ryan Sparks
A La Carte Spirituality
2018-05-13pmPastor Ryan Sparks
Who Are The Deceived and Disqualified?
2018-05-13amPastor Ryan Sparks
The God of Our City
2018-05-06amPastor Andre Holtslag
Godís Eternal Plan of Salvation
2018-04-29amDr. Phillip Scheepers
The Great Invitation
2018-04-22pmReuben de Vos
The Church That Lost Her First Love
2018-04-22amPastor Michael Drake
A City, A Tower and A Name
2018-04-15pmPastor Ryan Sparks
The All Sufficiency Of Christ
2018-04-15amPastor Ryan Sparks
A Holy Discontent
2018-04-08amBr Gerald Strayton
The Servant Of The Lord
2018-04-01pmPastor Daniel Wilson
Know Your Hope!
2018-04-01amPastor Ryan Sparks
Is your Religion Dead Or Alive?
2018-03-25pmBr George Fietje
A Call To Forgive
2018-03-18pmPastor Ryan Sparks
The Prayers Of The Saints
2018-03-11amPastor Ryan Sparks
Keeping Gospel Urgency Alive
2018-03-04pmPastor Ryan Sparks
Strong In Faith, Soft In Love
2018-03-04amBr Gerald Strayton
"Forget? Never!"
2018-02-25amPastor Ryan Sparks
A Door Of Faith
2018-02-11pmPastor Ryan Sparks
Overcoming Our Fears
2018-02-11amPastor Ryan Sparks
Desperate For The Gospel

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