Cadets and Gems

Welcome to the Bucklands Beach Cadets and Gems Club

We are part of a worldwide movement encouraging children aged 8 - 15 to grow socially, spiritually, mentally and physically.

The club is a service provided by the Reformed Presbyterian Church with members of the church being Counsellors that lead the group.

Club Nights are held on the church premises on Monday term nights from 6.30pm - 8.30pm except the 1st Monday of each Term when we have our planning meeting. The meetings consist of line-up, games, and bible study followed by crafts or badge work.

Each term we organize a special outing or event and we have a club camp each year. A Regional camp, which includes all our clubs in Auckland & Hamilton, and a National Camp every 3rd year, is held every January.

We do some fundraising to help us keep costs down and this also enables us to buy Sports Equipment, Camping Equipment and subsidize camps.

We issue a newsletter at the beginning of each Term and the 'In Touch' is a magazine published 3 times a year with club news, camp reports, crafts etc from around New Zealand.

There is a Fee of $25.00 each Term, or an Annual Fee of $80.00 payable by March. New children are welcome to join us at the beginning of Term 1 or Term 3.

Counsellors: Jeanette Brooks (537 4429)
Also Frank Marias, Micheal Vlaardingerbroek, Shalome Vlaardingerbroek and Nicola deVries

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